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CFLW – /sea-flow/

Cyberspace and emerging technologies provide various opportunities to improve our living standards. However, these technologies also create new threat surfaces that leave us and our companies vulnerable to becoming victims of cybercrime. In this current state, the threats outpace the solutions to combat these crimes.

Challenges are not automatically overcome. Agility and adaptability to the constantly changing tides of cyber threats are at the heart of our business. The fastest approach to strategy-making is to jump on the right flow with pre-defined strategic objectives. This is the cyber flow, or in short: CFLW (pronounced sea-flow).

With this belief, CFLW Cyber Strategies strengthens cybersecurity with data-driven solutions. The crafting of our solutions is based on the latest research and development of cybersecurity technologies. We have a strong focus on translating highly relevant and new security concepts from the research and development phase into operational solutions to meet these growing needs. In our global market, we are focusing especially on Europe and Southeast Asia by building communities with trusted partners from government, industry and academia.

“It was the international experience in Singapore, which was the missing piece of the puzzle to build our company with unique services, expertise and people.” 

Dr. Mark van Staalduinen
Founder and Managing Director of CFLW Cyber Strategies

CFLW is founded by Dr. Mark van Staalduinen who has a wide-ranging experience
in the field of cybersecurity and law enforcement for more than 10 years.

Dr. Mark van Staalduinen saw the opportunity to fill the void between research concepts and the wish for operational solutions to support our stakeholders in disrupting cybercrimes. 

We believe that understanding the attacker and the threats is key in formulating a defense. Our solutions, therefore, study these cyber threats with the ambition of making them ineffective and disrupt the criminals’ business model. As a result, we ease the operations for investigators and analysts and provide the right strategic insights for policymakers. Ultimately, in an effort to make the internet a safer place. 

Our Partners

Together with our partners, clients and relations we realise our joint ambitions.

Our Team

Dr. Mark van Staalduinen
Managing Director and Founder

Eljo Haspels
Technology Director

Prof. Dr. Pieter Hartel
Cyber Security Principal

Peter Hu
Market Development Head

Phi Tran
Lead Cloud Architect

Els van Staalduinen
Community Manager

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