GraphSense – Crypto-asset Analytics

GraphSense the open-source crypto-asset analytics provided by Iknaio

GraphSense is an open-source platform (GitHub) that enables crypto-asset transaction flows to be analyzed using modern data science techniques. It gathers data from multiple blockchains and relevant off-chain sources and computes network data sets representing money flows between individual addresses and actors, such as Virtual Asset Service Providers (VASPs).

GraphSense Dashboard and API Access

Gathered data is accessible via a powerful API, which enables the implementation of custom, automatized crypto-asset forensic or compliance workflows. Like other solutions, GraphSense provides a low-entry dashboard for investigating crypto-asset flows and a mechanism to extend the dashboard by customized add-ons solving institution-specific problems, such as the deconfliction of crypto-asset cases.

TagPacks: Attribution Transparency

Furthermore, GraphSense introduces the notion of TagPacks, which support collaborative collection and provenance-aware curation of attribution tags. The main distinguishing feature is that GraphSense enables direct data access, a prerequisite for using modern, automated, and data-driven analysis methods. As a result, one can regard GraphSense as a complementary solution to existing blockchain analytics tools, which typically limit access to their underlying data.

Partnership CFLW – Iknaio

The GraphSense service is provided by Iknaio Crypto-asset Analytics GmbH based in Austria. Based on the partnership between CFLW and Iknaio these services can be procured as a single package:

Fighting Cybercrime: CFLW and Iknaio combine Dark Web monitoring with Crypto-asset Analytics

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