Our solutions are based on in-depth expertise in Cybersecurity, Artificial Intelligence and Data Science.

CFLW Cyber Strategies provides solutions at the intersection of strategy and technology. Drawing on our well-established technical foundation and global presence, we provide solutions through our projects and services in three focus areas:

Our Approach

Data is at the heart of CFLW’s solutions. In our philosophy, we avoid scare tactics and build the core of CFLW’s solutions on facts, verified information and formal evidence to provide strategic insights and operational perspectives. Through our projects and services, we provide key solutions to our network of trusted partners. 

Dark Web and
Virtual Assets

We provide solutions to combat criminal activities like Cybercrime, Money Laundering, Child Sexual Abuse and Drugs Trafficking.

As the main platform and method that is used to commit crimes, CFLW provides technical solutions that help combat these avenues abused by cybercriminals, with our expertise and long track record of Dark Web Monitoring and Virtual Assets (Cryptocurrencies) analytics. Cyber-enabled financial crimes and abuse of blockchain technologies require global adoption and implementations of solutions in a multi-stakeholder setting.

More than just a product, we are providing a framework in which your cybersecurity strategy can be formulated. This framework will allow flexibility and adaptability to satisfy your requirements and needs, especially as the dark web and cryptocurrency space evolves.

Strengthening Cybersecurity in Emergent

We reinforce cybersecurity through strategic approaches to mitigate security risks by assessing and targeting vulnerabilities of emerging technologies.

In light of digital transformation, companies are using emerging technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Blockchain to leverage greater efficiency, service and profitability. However, new technologies are at risk of exploitation. We want to build resilience across supply chains as companies execute their digital transformation roadmaps.

CFLW places specific emphasis on studying these technologies in an effort to improve their security and therefore make them safer to use. By hosting strategic studies with industry partners, we aim to identify challenges and stay ahead of cybercriminals, disallowing them from abusing these new technologies. 

Human Capital by Research and Development

We believe in developing the right people with the right skills, knowledge and competencies that can be as active in as many countries and economies as possible.

The most critical asset in this current climate is human capital, especially in a growing industry like cybersecurity. It fosters co-creation of solutions amongst stakeholders and better support for both technical and adaptive capacities in the long run. Therefore, having access to the right talent is critical for any organisation.

We craft human capital programmes that allow people to be trained in identifying and combatting new challenges in cybersecurity. We are building our talent pipeline with software development and operational capacity, with research through academic collaboration, especially between Europe and Southeast Asia, with a special focus on Singapore and Vietnam. We continue to extend our international collaboration to form more strategic and long-term partnerships.

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