Rethinking the adversaries perspective to outsmart cyber threats

CFLW Intelligence Services for a Safer Cyberspace

Digital transformation creates a universe of opportunities for innovation. However, it also offers a plethora of opportunities for cyber threat actors. In this regard, our professional ambition is to provide strategic insights and operational perspectives on complex cybersecurity challenges posed by emergent technologies as Dark Web, Crypto-Assets, Decentralized Cryptography and Artificial Intelligence.

Continuous Innovation to provide Unique Solutions

CFLW Intelligence Services are based on operational experience in the international security community, deep knowledge of new technologies and a user-centric co-creation strategy. In this regard, CFLW offers unique solutions to understand the adversary’s perspective in order to outsmart cyber threats for a safer cyberspace.

CFLW Intelligence Services are delivered to safety and security professionals from our trusted partners.

Law Enforcement

Our open-source intelligence services provide investigative capabilities for law enforcement professionals worldwide to fight crimes that exploit the Dark Web and Crypto-Assets.

Cyber Security

Our insights enable cybersecurity agencies, industry and departments with insights into cyber threats from the adversaries perspective, like ransomware and Crime as a Service.

Finance and FinTech

Our Dark Web and Crypto-asset analytics tools allow financial and FinTech firms to ascertain involvement of their clients in financial crime by Follow-the-Money and Know Your Transaction.

Why CFLW Cyber Strategies

“Fueled by our passion to disrupt criminal activities that abuse cyberspace and emergent technologies, CFLW innovates at the intersection of strategy and cutting-edge technology to stay secure in the digital transformation and to navigate through the cyber-physical convergence.”

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