CFLW – /sea-flow/ – for a Safer Cyberspace


A safe and secure cyberspace for a thriving digital society.


We provide strategic insights and operational perspectives worldwide to disrupt illicit activities that abuse cyberspace and frontier technologies.


  • We build energetic public-private coalitions to counter rapidly evolving threats together.
  • We follow an user-centric and agile approach to co-create cutting-edge services in complex multistakeholder settings.
  • We leverage data-driven technologies based on deep expertise in Dark Web, Crypto-Assets, Decentralized Cryptography, and Artificial Intelligence.

“My global exposure in Singapore was key to founding a company known for its outstanding people, expertise, and services.” 

Dr. Mark van Staalduinen
Founder and Managing Director of CFLW Cyber Strategies

CFLW was founded by Dr. Mark van Staalduinen, drawing on his extensive expertise in
law enforcement and cybersecurity.

In 2019, recognizing a shortfall in cybersecurity solutions, Dr. Mark van Staalduinen took the opportunity to establish CFLW. CFLW effectively bridges the gap between research and application, translating cutting-edge research into real-world solutions.

As a result, CFLW provides operational services to support the work of our stakeholders in disrupting cybercrime. We believe that understanding cyber threats is essential when formulating a defense or response. In this regard, our intelligence services provide strategic insights and operational perspectives on cyber threats with the aim of rendering them ineffective and disrupting offenders’ business models. Strategic insights support the work of policymakers, while operational perspectives create new investigative methods for the investigators, paving the way for a safer cyberspace.

Our Partners

Collaborating with our partners, clients, and allies,
we develop innovative solutions to solve complex interdisciplinary challenges.


We’re dedicated to building a global team with
the essential skills, knowledge, and competencies for worldwide success.

In today’s dynamic climate, human capital is invaluable, particularly in growing fields like cybersecurity. It enables co-creation of solutions and strengthens both technical and adaptive skills sustainably. Thus, securing the right talent is crucial for any organization’s success.

Great Place for Masters and Talent Cultivation

We develop comprehensive human capital programs designed to train individuals in recognizing and addressing emerging cybersecurity challenges. Our approach involves nurturing a talent pipeline enriched with software development and operational expertise, bolstered by research collaborations between academic institutions in Europe and Southeast Asia, with a particular emphasis on Singapore and Vietnam. Our commitment to expanding international partnerships is steadfast, as we aim to forge more strategic and enduring alliances.

If you are keen to join our team, please reach out to us via email at:

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