CFLW – /sea-flow/


A safe and secure cyberspace for a thriving digital society.


We provide strategic insights and operational perspectives worldwide to disrupt illicit activities that abuse cyberspace and emergent technologies.


We build energetic public-private coalitions to counter rapidly evolving threats together.
We follow an user-centric and agile approach to co-create cutting-edge technologies in complex multistakeholder settings.
We leverage data-driven technologies based on deep expertise in Dark Web, crypto-assets, blockchain, decentralized cryptography, and artificial intelligence.

“My international experience in Singapore provided the missing puzzle piece needed to forge a company with unique people, expertise, and services.” 

Dr. Mark van Staalduinen
Founder and Managing Director of CFLW Cyber Strategies

CFLW is founded by Dr. Mark van Staalduinen who has more than 10 years’ experience in the fields of cybersecurity and law enforcement.

Dr. Mark van Staalduinen saw the opportunity to fill the void between safety needs and technical research frameworks. As a result, CFLW provides operational solutions to support the work of our stakeholders in disrupting cybercrime. We believe that understanding cyber threats is essential when formulating a defense or response. In this regard, our intelligence services provide strategic insights and operational perspectives on cyber threats with the aim of rendering them ineffective and disrupting offenders’ business models. Strategic insights support the work of policymakers, while operational perspectives create new investigative techniques for the investigators, paving the way for a safer cyberspace.

Our Partners

Together with our partners, clients, and supporters, we develop innovative solutions to solve multi-stakeholder challenges.

Our Team

Dr. Mark van Staalduinen
Managing Director and Founder​​

Eljo Haspels
Technology Director​​

Prof. Dr. Pieter Hartel
Cyber Security Principal​​

Peter Hu
Market Development Head​​

Phi Tran
Lead Cloud Architect​​

Octávio Silveira Teixera
Data Research Engineer​​

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