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Iknaio Crypto-Asset Analytics: powered by GraphSense

Contemporary advancements in the Crypto-Asset realm encompass a variety of innovations. Alongside these developments, the use of Bitcoin and other Crypto-Assets for illicit purposes has surged and serve as primary payment instruments within the Dark Web, facilitating cybercrimes like ransomware and scams as well as enabling transactions related to illicit materials such as drugs and weapons. Crypto-Asset Analytics involves the collection of data from multiple blockchains and relevant off-chain sources, leading to the computation of network data-sets that represent monetary flows between individual addresses and entities, such as Crypto Asset Service Providers (CASPs).

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Application Steps

  1. Apply for CFLW Membership (free of charge)
  2. Select a suitable Subscription Plan that best fits your requirements (CFLW Membership required to access)
  3. Launch Dark Web Monitor

Subscription Plans

  • Package Selection – Opt for either the Advanced or Professional package, each with distinct monthly request limits per user account. The Advanced package allows for up to 10,000 requests monthly, whereas the Professional package extends this capacity to 100,000 requests each month.
  • Coverage Options – Choose from Single-user or Institutional coverage, differentiated by the permissible number of user accounts. The Single-user option is designed for an individual account, while the Institutional option accommodates an unlimited number of accounts, catering to the entire organization’s needs.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any inquiries or specific requests. CFLW Membership and Subscription Plans are subject to our terms and conditions.

Iknaio – CFLW Partnership on Crypto-Asset Analytics

In July 2022, Iknaio Cryptoasset Analytics GmbH (Iknaio) and CFLW entered into a cooperation agreement to enhance investigative capabilities for the law enforcement and security community. As a result, the parties agreed to synchronize tools and offerings, creating a joint, purchasable package tailored to Dark Web and Crypto-Assets investigations.

CFLW Members can enjoy direct access to Iknaio’s applications Pathfinder and Automator from the CFLW platform and between the applications, equipping users with a powerful toolkit for investigating Crypto-Asset related activities within the Dark Web. Iknaio excels in analyzing various Crypto-Assets, especially Bitcoin, offering capabilities such as transaction tracking, pattern recognition, fund flow assessment, and relationship identification between Crypto-Assets entities.

Crypto-Asset Analytics powered by GraphSense

GraphSense is a cutting-edge open-source platform available on GitHub, specializing in the analysis of Crypto-Asset transaction flows using advanced data science techniques. This platform integrates data from various blockchains and essential off-chain sources to create comprehensive network datasets. These datasets effectively depict monetary flows between individual addresses and entities, including Crypto Asset Service Providers (CASPs).

The data collected is accessible through a powerful API, enabling the implementation of custom, automatized Crypto-Asset forensic or compliance workflows. Like other solutions, GraphSense provides a low-entry dashboard for investigating Crypto-Asset flows and a mechanism to extend the dashboard with customized add-ons tailored to resolve institution-specific problems, such as the deconfliction of Crypto-Asset cases.

GraphSense introduced the concept of TagPacks to support the collaborative gathering and provenance-aware curation of attribution tags. A key feature of GraphSense is its ability to provide direct data access, which is essential for employing modern, automated, data-driven analysis methods. Therefore, GraphSense can be seen as a complementary solution to existing blockchain analytics tools, which typically restrict access to their underlying data.

See our joint press release by Iknaio and CFLW

Fighting Cybercrime: CFLW and Iknaio combine Dark Web monitoring with Crypto-asset Analytics

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