RAND used Dark Web Monitor for strategic insight Zcash use

May 2020, RAND Europe published a study on the use of Zcash in Dark Web and used Dark Web Monitor as one of the information sources to study this trend. It showed the presence of Zcash in the Dark Web relative to other cryptocurrencies, which illustrates the prominence of cryptocurrency use by dark web users. The next figure supports the findings:

  • Bitcoin is the most prominently used cryptocurrency
  • Zcash is of interest to the Dark Web community

According to RAND Europe: “Cryptocurrencies are currencies that only exist digitally, usually have no central issuing or regulating authority, and rely on cryptography to prevent counterfeiting and fraudulent transactions. While today they are increasingly used for legitimate purposes, cryptocurrencies have also attracted the attention of individuals and organisations that are engaged in criminal or illicit activities both on and off the dark web. To inform public debate, this report explores the illicit or criminal use of cryptocurrencies, with a particular focus on Zcash.”

More details:
Exploring the use of Zcash cryptocurrency for illicit or criminal purposes

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