Welcoming New Colours for CFLW Branding

CFLW Cyber Strategies has evolved in its direction since its establishment in November 2019. Today, we introduce a refurbished logo that reflects the clarity of CFLW’s charted course.

Our new look has been propelled by our ambition of hampering the criminal activities that abuses the cyberspace and new technology. Consequently, we recognise that these perpetrators leverage on the technology to commit cybercrimes and traditional crimes like peddling drugs and weapons, operating on the convergence of the cyberspace and physical realm.
CFLW has a new set of colours, comprising of the blue, green, yellow and orange. The blue and green represent the colours of the cyber world, while the vibrant orange and yellow signifies the disruption to crimes we envision.

Our website has been redesigned and updated with simplified messaging to better highlight the solutions we create for and with our clients.

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