Operations Analysis of Crypto-Assets in Terrorist Financing

The Hague, 21 September 2022 – New and disruptive technologies such as Crypto-Assets and Dark Web activities have caused an evolution in the behavior of criminal actors, resulting in new risks in the financing of terrorism. Investigators might miss such cases if they do not know where to look—a lack of reported instances does not mean such incidents are not taking place. There is thus a great need to identify our knowledge gaps and recognize how they can impair our investigative work, by understanding how new technologies are abused and the tools that can be used to identify and track such illicit fund movements.

This landscape study entitled “Operations Analysis of Crypto-Assets in Terrorist Financing” provides an overview of modi operandi in terrorist financing exploiting crypto-assets and Dark Web activities, with a view to identifying corresponding gaps as well as good practices in law enforcement and counter-terrorism pipelines.

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This study is conducted as part of the Anti-FinTer project, which has received funding from the European Union’s ISFP-2020-AG-TERFIN program under the Grant Agreement No. 101036262.

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